Snow Parking Ordinance

Snow Plow

Snow Parking
Ordinance Reminder

In an effort to keep our residents safe and streets cleared during the winter, the Village of Romeoville would like to remind residents of the Snow Parking Ordinance. This ordinance is designed to limit on-street parking during snow removal to allow plows to access and clear the streets during the winter. Following are the guidelines:

  • Odd-even parking will go into effect upon the accumulation of 2 inches of snow on the Village streets and will remain in effect until snow removal operations are complete.
  • The switch over time for odd-even parking is 6:00 am.
  • The fine for snow related parking violations is $50.00.
  • Officers will patrol Village streets and immediately issue parking citations and a 24 hour tow notice to any vehicles found in violation of the odd-even parking ordinance.
  • Vehicles parked on streets designated as parking prohibited after two inches of snow fall will be ticketed and towed immediately.
  • Parking citations for blocking the sidewalk will not be issued until the snow removal operations are complete.

These restrictions do not apply to Grand Haven, Highpoint, Wespark (Besides Wespark Pkwy, Wespark Circle and Wespark Blvd.), Lakewood Falls (Unincorporated), Carillon, Remington, Malibu Bay Townhomes and Romeo Gardens.

For additional information on new street parking restrictions, please visit our website at


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