Reminder: Yard waste Through November


Yard Waste Pick-up

Yard Waste Pick-Up Available Through Last Week of November

Yard waste pick-up is available on your normal garbage pick-up day and runs through the week of November 28th. Yard waste must be placed in Kraft paper bags, which can be purchased at local retail stores. Small quantities of sod will be collected provided its placed in Kraft bags and each bag is only 1/3 full. Up to 6 bags will be accepted per week and placed with your normal refuse pick-up.

Tree Trimming & Chipper Service is available from the first week of April through the last week of November. Please call Public Works at (815) 886-1870 to schedule a pick up.

  • Branches for the chipper will be picked up on the same day as your regular garbage service, or as soon as possible thereafter. (First week of April -through last week of November) All branches must be placed in the parkway prior to 7 a.m. on the day of your garbage service.
  • Brush and branches must measure between three and eight feet in length and may be up to six inches in diameter.
  • Brush must be stacked on the parkway in front of the home with the cut ends toward the street.
  • The Village is not able to trim trees or remove branches from any private property areas.
  • The Village does have a program of trimming parkway trees. If you know of a tree that is blocking view of a stop sign or traffic signal and needs immediate attention, please call Public Works at (815) 886-1870.
  • Any branch chipping requests outside of the above dates, please call Public Works at (815) 886-1870 prior to placing the branches in the parkway and we will schedule the pickup, weather permitting.

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