Water Bill Credit to Romeoville Single Family Homeowners

Village of Romeoville Press Release
Romeoville Crosses Million Dollar mark in Providing Financial Assistance To Residents
In 2011, Mayor Noak and the Village Board implemented a Financial Assistance Initiative for the residents of Romeoville.
We are pleased to announce that the financial assistance will be given again this year as a credit on the water bill. The aggregate amount of relief to be provided to residents this year is approximately $114,000. During the six year period, over $1.1 million dollars has been returned to the residents of Romeoville through this initiative.

“We continue to find opportunities to reduce costs for our residents, whether it is with free Recreation events offered or a credit on their water bill, every little bit helps,” said Mayor John Noak.
In October, homeowners will see a credit on their water bill. The refund will be credited to all single-family home customers living within the Village’s boundaries.
If you have any questions regarding this rebate or any Village services, please do not hesitate to contact our offices at (815) 886-7212.

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