National Housewife Day, Have you HUGGED your housewife today?

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Today, November 3, people across the country celebrate National Housewife’s Day.  Have you hugged your housewife, or domestic engineer (Dads) today. Many households still have at least 1 parent “STAYING”  home to tend to children, housework, cooking and the dreaded LAUNDRY (that is NEVER done) This day was created to make the day a special one for the “stay at home” mom or (dads), Hugged your Domestic Person TOday and don’t forget to say “THANK YOU” for all that they do.

I was a “Housewife” with 4 children under the age of 2, 2 dogs, and working husband.

images (9)As I love my children and husband DEARLY, and enjoyed having a “clean house” BUT…..getting to the clean house was a challenge on most days. There is ALWAYS something to do, being a housewife your job is never finished, and you can never “GO HOME” or leave the work at the office… NOTHING is ever completely finished.

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The term “housewife” is an old term stemming from the days when most families were supported from one income.  The father worked and the mother stayed home to take care of the house and the children.   Times have changed and it is not always possible for one parent to stay at home, even though it is still preferred by many.  In today’s society, typically two incomes are needed to support a household.   If a mother is able to stay at home, the term “stay at home mom” or “domestic engineer” are favored over the term “housewife”.


Honor the “housewife” in your family or a “housewife” that you know. Use #NationalHousewife’sDay to post on social media.

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