Six Flags Haunted Houses… Who dares to go?

The Gates of Hell

Requires Additional FeeAll hell has broken loose with Nox – Fright Fest Overlord. Nox is searching for more souls to take down into the depths of hell.

vampire FF

Lost Souls: Carousel Plaza

Blood is what these vampires want and blood is what they will get! These lost souls have no problem waiting for you to cross their path…they’ve got a lifetime.

Clowns group 1

Slasher Circus: County Fair

A troupe of circus performers were on their way back home from their summer performances in 1973 when fate had a different plan.

Manslaughter manor FF

Manslaughter Manor

Requires Additional FeePresented by göt2b®. This manor tucked away in the Southwest Hills has the reputation for being cursed.

Bermuda Triangle

Shipwreck of Horrors: Hurricane Harbor

Be sure to bring your map, you will need it to navigate your way through this the ocean. Although, maps never helped all those who crossed in before you! You can cross into Bermuda Triangle…

massacre medical center

Massacre Medical Center

Requires Additional FeeThe local asylum housed the most precise lobotomy doctors, the most understanding therapists, and the most insane patients. The residents felt like they were treated like prisoners, locked in their empty rooms


Howl: Hometown Square

Growling can be heard from the moment you step foot into this area. Keep an eye out, these werewolves can smell fresh meat. Have you ever heard that dogs can smell fear?

Southwest territory FF

The Lost Hollows: Southwest Territory

As you walk through Southwest Territory, it almost appears as if those who live there don’t know they are dead. Although a ghostly tourist attraction today, this historic town was once a bustling trail stop through the great…


The Abyss

Requires Additional FeePresented by M&M’S® Brand. For over 100 years, the Bermuda Triangle has been claiming the lives of pilots, captains, crews and innocent individuals in transit. Where could they be? What has happened to them?



Requires Additional FeePresented by TWIX® Brand. It is said that in complete darkness the mind will begin to play tricks on you. All your senses are heightened.


Apocalypse: Zombie Experience

Requires Additional FeeThe infection has spread and humans are now outnumbered by the zombies. The undead have taken up camp in Wicked Woods guarding the human’s last refuge.

Face 2 Face

Demon’s Realm: Mardi Gras

Nox has unleashed his Demons. Prepare yourself for the terror that lurks below the surface. These demons are under Nox’s command and have risen from the Gates of Hell to take your soul.


Forbidden Forest: Yukon Territory


Express Haunted House Wristband

Unlimited haunt visits and reduced wait time — just $39.99

The Express Wristband is your solution for speedy frights at all six of our haunted attractions. For just a little more than a regular wristband, you can significantly cut your wait in line and enjoy more of the park. Park admission is not included and must be purchased separately. Valid on a single visit to the park. Supplies are limited.

Regular Haunted Attraction Wristband

Unlimited haunt visits — just $29.99

Enjoy all six of our Haunted Attractions as many times as you like during your visit. Park admission is not included and must be purchased separately. Valid on a single visit to the park. Supplies are limited.

Season Pass All Season Haunt

Unlimited haunt visits, all season — just $29.99

Enjoy all six of our Haunted Attractions as many times as you like during Fright Fest. Season Pass admission is not included and must be purchased separately. Season Pass or Membership ID must be presented when redeemed.


No advance planning required!

Not sure when you’re going or who you are visiting with? Buy your Fright Fest tickets right at the park! Be aware though that our best prices will always be on our website. Haunted houses require the purchase of a separate Haunted Attraction wristband.

General Admission $68.99
Child Under 48” $46.99
2 & Under FREE

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