Parkway Tree Program


Village of Romeoville Press Release

Parkway Tree Program

Parkway trees provide many environmental benefits as well as added beautification and economic value to a community. In an effort to promote tree planting, the Village has adopted a new Parkway Tree Replacement Program, which is a cost sharing program between residential home owners and the Village. A full copy of the program and application can be picked up at Village Hall or found on our website by clicking here.

This cost-share program is intended to assist residents who wish to have trees planted in the parkway in front of their homes where the trees do not currently exist or where the trees are in poor condition. It does not apply to commercial or common areas in the subdivision. The new program is offered in the Spring and Fall seasons. Deadline for the Spring Order is June 15, 2015. Trees will be planted within 30 days of receipt of payment.

 The program highlights are as follows:

  • The Village has a contract with a landscaper. Residents will be required to purchase the trees from this landscaper.
  • Residents may choose from a variety of approved trees.
  • Residents will be required to pay their portion of the tree cost directly to the landscaper and will pay before the tree is delivered.
  •  The Village will pay $75.00 per tree per resident.
  •  Applications must be submitted to Public Works to review the requested location of the tree.
  • If the parkway is too small for a parkway tree, the program will pay for one in the front yard.
  • Residents will be responsible for general maintenance of the tree. The Village will be responsible for pruning and removal of parkway trees.
Village of Romeoville

1050 West Romeo Road
Romeoville, IL 60446
(815) 886-7200
Village Board

John D. Noak

Village Clerk
Dr. Bernice E. Holloway

Linda Palmiter
Jose (Joe) Chavez
Brian A. Clancy Sr.
Dave Richards
Sue A. Micklevitz
Ken Griffin

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