Plainfield East vs Minooka Live Stream Friday Oct 3 7PM



OK, The weather forecast is calling for cloudy, possible rain and temp will be down to 40 degrees.

Yes, I will be braving the weather for this game, but anyone who doesn’t want to be in the elements. You can now watch a streaming “LIVE” Game  Click here to set this up!

GO Bengals!! 


A new LIVE stream titled "Minooka @ Plainfield East – High School Football" has 
been added to the Plainfield East High School Football Cube by HSC Productions. 
The broadcast is scheduled to start on 10/03 at 7p CDT.

Watch this event on the High School Cube mobile app or at 
And make sure the entire Plainfield East community knows about the event - share 
this link with everyone!

Also, we want to remind you that the Plainfield East High School Cube is made 
possible by the support of local businesses. Therefore we would like to thank 
our Directory sponsor - Midwest Fit Club. Please show your appreciation by 
supporting these businesses that support us.

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