Hidden Oaks Bolingbrook Save the Date!


So much to do, SAVE THE DATES!

419 Trout Farm Rd. – (630) 739-2600

Hidden Oaks Conservation area ensures that visitors of all ages and backgrounds have opportunities to connect with nature. Through interactive exhibits and hands-on activities, Hidden Oaks Nature Center inspires curiosity and exploration of the natural world in guests of all ages. Whether hitting the trails with a self-guided Discovery Pack, registering for innovative nature programs, coming out for a special event or joining our summer/winter camps, there’s something for everyone at Hidden Oaks.

  • Hours of Operation

    9:00 am-5:00 pm
    Noon-5:00 pm
    Local Honey
    Enjoy the benefits of honey produced on-site at Hidden Oaks Conservation Area.

    Honey Prices

    8 oz.
    16 oz.
  • On Site Features

    Dream Roof: Visit the two-level roof-top garden to picnic at the cafe tables or surf the web with our FREE wi-fi.

    Seedlings Preschool: Developing life-long learners through nature play.

    Park Amenities: Hike to explore interpretive signs, a full-sized Wooly Mammoth made out of reclaimed steel, a buried car and so much more. Balance and climb at our nature playground or simply relax amongst the trees at our outdoor amphitheater.

    Bee Hives: BEE AWARE! Hidden Oaks is home to three bee hives to educate our visitors of their many benefits and to harvest locally-grown honey. Honeybees are not aggressive unless provoked. Visitors sensitive or allergic to bee stings should exercise caution near hives. Purchase honey at the front desk for just $6.25 while supplies last.


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