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Illinois Tollway Provides
Opportunity for Customers to
Reclaim Old I-Pass Account Funds

The Illinois Tollway recently announced it is offering customers an opportunity to retrieve an estimated $2.2 million in unclaimed funds from I-PASS accounts that have been inactive for the past seven years or more.

Within the next several weeks, approximately 50,000 customers with inactive I-PASS accounts containing balances of $10 or more will receive a letter from the Illinois Tollway informing them they are required to reactivate their accounts or, alternatively, close their accounts to get a refund for the remaining account balance and initial deposit.

Customers who do not take any action by October 1, 2014, will have their accounts closed, with the remaining account balances transferred to the Illinois State Treasurer’s I-Cash Program.

“This is an opportunity for our customers to reclaim account balances and deposits they may have forgotten, as well as allow us to clear our books of old I-PASS accounts that are no longer in use,” said Illinois Tollway Executive Director Kristi Lafleur. “And, if our customers miss this opportunity, they will still be able to reclaim these funds through the state’s I-Cash Program.”

Customers who wish to keep their I-PASS accounts open or have questions can contact the Tollway by telephone at 1-800-UC-IPASS (1-800-824-7277) Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. or Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. They also may visit Illinois Tollway Customer Service Centers located in the Tollway’s Downers Grove headquarters or at one of the six Tollway oases.

Those who wish to close their I-PASS account can do so by returning their transponders by mail or in person. To close an account by mail, customers should wrap their transponders in aluminum foil and include a letter requesting that the I-PASS account be closed. The letter should include the customer’s name and address and should be mailed to the I-PASS Fulfillment Center, P.O. Box 806518, Chicago, IL 60680. If the transponder is returned in good condition, the customer’s deposit and any unused balance will be returned within 45 days.

Customers can also close their accounts in person by bringing their I-PASS transponders to the Customer Service Center at the Tollway’s Downers Grove headquarters or at one of six oases locations. Customers returning transponders in person are required to bring proper identification to verify they are the account holder or are a guardian, trustee or conservator of the account holder.

Of the $2.2 million in unclaimed funds, approximately $1.5 million is prepaid tolls and the remaining $700,000 is for transponder deposits that will be refunded if the old transponders are returned. The average account balance for those receiving letters is $31 without the initial IPASS deposit and $45 with the I-PASS transponder refund. Approximately 500 inactive accounts have unclaimed funds totaling $100 or more.

Through the state’s I-Cash Program, Illinois residents get connected with their unclaimed property. One in eight Illinois residents has an asset to be claimed in I-Cash. The state currently has $2.1 billion dollars in cash, plus contents from Illinois bank safe deposit boxes, which need to be returned to Illinois residents.

For the locations and hours of Illinois Tollway Customer Service Centers, please visit

About the Illinois Tollway
The Illinois Tollway operates the largest open road tolling system in the nation, with more than
2.2 million daily toll transactions and 5 million transponders in use. More than 87 percent of all
transactions are I-PASS transactions, giving the agency the highest national percentage of
customers who choose to pay electronically.

The Illinois Tollway is a user-fee system that receives no state or federal funds for maintenance
and operations. The agency maintains and operates 286 miles of interstate tollways in 12
counties in Northern Illinois, including the Reagan Memorial Tollway (I-88), the Veterans
Memorial Tollway (I-355), the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway (I-90) and the Tri-State Tollway

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