Romeoville Athletic and Event Center Groundbreaking

community center

The Village of Romeoville is excited to announce the ground-breaking of the Romeoville Athletic and Event Center on November 2, 2012 at 10:30 a.m. at 21 Terrace Lane. The facility is estimated at 70,000 s.f. and will provide unique opportunities to the vast and growing sports market. For the complete press release please click here.

Village of Romeoville lacks a “traditional” downtown area, the Village has a 40-acre established site that is defined as Downtown (Route 53 to Dalhart and Normantown to Alexander). The site was originally developed in the mid 1960’s and has seen various commercial and small business entities locate to the area over the past thirty years. The area has approximately 7 acres of undeveloped land with the remaining acres being developed without any formal planning specific to this area. Except for a strong street grid, the current environment more closely resembles the kind of aging strip centers that can be found along almost any suburban highway in the region.

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