Mongo for Mayor ?!?!?! Thoughts???



Former Chicago Bears defensive tackle Steve McMichael says he plans to run for mayor of Romeoville.

The member of the 1985 championship team and college football Hall of Famer has co-owned Mongo McMichaels Sports Bar on Illinois 53 for nearly two years and moved into the village in April.

McMichael said he got the idea to run for office while thinking about the schools his 4-year-old daughter will attend and speaking with residents at his business about their concerns.

“I have an affinity for the ‘Norman Rockwell,’ small-town atmosphere and I want to make a difference,” said McMichael, who lives in the Plainfield School District.

He has never run for political office before.

“I never played professional football or pro wrestled before either and was pretty successful at those things,” he said.

McMichael said he feels his success at portraying the aggressive “Mongo character” in order to intimidate football opponents has led people to underestimate him.

“I was never the biggest or fastest guy on the field so I had to be the smartest,” he said.

McMichael said he will also seek advice from his friend Jim Schwantz, another retired football player who is now mayor of Palatine.

McMichael dismissed a rumor part of his motivation for seeking office was to reopen Crazy Rock, a gentlemen’s club that recently closed and was bought by the village for redevelopment.

“(Not) unless a majority of the townspeople told me that’s what they wanted. I’m not representing special interests,” he said.

John D. Noak, who has been mayor since 2008, said Thursday it’s too early to decide whether he will seek re-election. But while deflecting a request to comment on his potential opponent, he unintentionally made several football references.

“I think we’ve got a good team in place to move forward with our game plan as a community,” Noak said.

Candidates can begin getting signatures on the petitions in the Romeoville mayoral race on Sept. 25. Petitions must be filed with the village clerk by Dec. 24 for the April 9, 2013, election.


Former Bear ‘Mongo’ McMichael says he wants to run for Romeoville mayor

BY BRIAN STANLEY Sun-Times Media / August 16, 2012 4:54PM

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