Sell your HOME not your accessories!


Stage Your Home and Sell it Fast (6 / 11)
Smart accessories. Cleared this kitchen counter of appliances, spice racks, towels, and cooking utensils and left only a few things: a couple of cookbooks and a shiny tea kettle. Random? Not at all. The gourmet cookbooks give the impression that this kitchen is built for serious cooking. It’s called “branding” — and it’s what advertisers bombard you with every day. You’re advertising your home, so buyers need not know that your cooking skills are actually a fire hazard to your own kitchen. The cookbooks here say culinary creations might have been whipped up here.
LeComte Residence
Photos: Eva Stoyanov Styling: Susan C. Kim


2 thoughts on “Sell your HOME not your accessories!

  1. Great tip! Clearing away accessories allows viewers to picture themselves in your home. Like the idea of the gourmet cook books. It really gives the kitchen an identity! Thanks for sharing.


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