It’s the best of both worlds this week

as Illinois is experiencing

warmer than usual autumn temperatures

and fall colors that continue to get more beautiful each day.



The southern area of the Chicago & Beyond region has really come along this past week with at least three times more color than last week. The white ash are outstanding in their reddish purple to almost black purple hues. The white, red and black oaks have picked up some red and orange colors. The sugar maples are showing off good yellow, orange and red hues. Further north, the ashes and maples are nearly at their peak with colors ranging from purple to red to orange to yellow.


The central portion of Great Rivers Country has sassafras in full color with all shades of reds. White oaks are starting to show shades of purple, while elms are turning yellow. Many sugar maples are showing the full spectrum of reds, oranges and yellows. White pines are starting their fall needle shed so they have a large amount of yellow needl

es. Heading south, the sugar maples are developing some good orange and reds just as the ashes are starting to show their yellows and purples.


In the Land of Lincoln, many of the yellow colors have intensified, though peak season is still a of couple weeks away. Meanwhile, hickories and cottonwoods are sporting a golden yellow, while maples are showing gorgeous reds. The light brown of the oaks have also become quite prominent. Elms are particularly striking with bright yellows complementing the neighboring sassafras reds.


Trails to Adventures’ hickories have yellowed up very nicely, and the goldenrod is still bright yellow. Sumacs are bright red now, and sassafras has lots of red, orange and yellow. Persimmons are very yellow this year, and many of the trees are lush with colorful fruit. You can see purple from Virginia creepers, and the white ash have turned purple as well. Green ash is showing lots of yellow or orange, depending on the tree.


With all these amazing colors–

plus the warm temperatures–

there is no better time

for a road trip.

Enjoy Illinois!


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