Girly Girls Night! Wine Tasting

Join us Thursday 10/13 for a “Girly Girl” Wine Tasting – Everyone will want to taste these New Girls!!


Thursday October 13th – Bolingbrook WineStyles introduces “Girly Girl” Wines!

October 13th from 6 to 8 pm – Join us as we taste the new “Girly Girl” Wines at WineStyles Bolingbrook! Nicole from Midwest Wine Selections will be here to intorduce these wines to us.

Hey Guys – Everyone will enjoy these fantastic Washington State Wines! Stop in on Thursday and
meet  these “Girls”!

Girly Girl Wines is a women’s wine company designed to serve women who are young at heart and enjoy their girl time. Girly Girl wine intends to create a lifestyle that can be integrated into a woman’s daily life. “Girly Girl” Wines also donates a part of its proceeds to help fund breast cancer research, a cause which hits home to millions of women. Great wines from Columbia Valley, Washington.
   Meet Cloe (Pinot Gris) – I’m the sweet girl next door. I enjoy shopping on weekends with my girlfriends. After a long day of shopping, we get together at our favorite restaurant and enjoy sharing a bottle of Girly Girl Wine!
Meet Farrah (Cabernet Sauvignon) –  I am extremely athletic and take pride in staying active and living a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy going to sports games and running in triathlons with my girlfriends. We always look forward to any race that benefits a good cause! Whether we are tailgating or celebrating our victory of crossing the finish line, we end the day with a great bottle of Girly Girl Wine!

Meet Mia (Chardonnay) – I’m the kind of girl who loves going to the spa and being pampered. After a long day of work, a manicure and pedicure with my favorite girls does the trick. Then we get together at one of our houses to enjoy a great bottle of Girly Girl Wine before hitting the town! 

Meet Kayla (Merlot)  I love to travel and I’m always up for an adventure! If I’m not on a cruise with my girlfriends, we are flying around to remote destinations experiencing the world. When we travel, we always remember to bring along our favorite bottle of Girly Girl Wine!  


Special “Sweetest Day” Tasting this Saturday October 15th:
We will be tasting our three “Learn” Club wines from noon-7pm
Stop by and treat your sweety to a delicious wine tasting.

Something “sweet” will also be open for desert!



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