TOBY IS LOST! Have you seen him? Please contact Trish 630-631-2442

Toby has been missing from his home in Plainfield, IL since Saturday, September 24th. He escaped from the yard during their move to Lockport, someone left the gate unlocked. Toby was rescued from an abusive/neglectful situation one year ago by him mom, Trish. Toby was tethered on a short chain on a vacant piece of land, fed whenever his owner thought to go there and do so, sometimes only once or twice a week. Upon his rescue, Toby became part of a family, loved and cherished. His family wants their boy home. Toby is microchipped, is around 110 lbs. He is an American Bulldog mix, white with tan markings. Toby was last seen in Plainfield, Illinois in Walkers Grove Subdivision, 135th and Rt 30. There is a REWARD IF FOUND! Please contact Trish at Trish at: 630-631-2442 or if you have any information or are able to help post flyers or search for Toby. Thank you and please keep Toby in your prayers!

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